Jairo Avellaneda - Colombia
Jairo Avellaneda - Colombia
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  • Bogóta - Colombia
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Our legal team has experience in different areas of law that allow us to offer you a complete overview of your case and guide you in the first steps for the resolution of conflicts or the development of legal acts.

What services or advice can you request?

We can counsel you in the following areas:

  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual property
  • Family law, succession and succession planning.
  • Labor law.
  • Criminal law
  • Unfair competition and consumer protection.
  • Health and regulatory law.
  • Tenders, infrastructure and public contracting.
  • Anti-piracy.
  • Litigation, arbitration and conflict resolution.
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Portfolio collection
  • Trademark and Patents
  • Labor
  • Family
  • Administrative
  • Contractual