Wines and Liquors

801 Gin Street

801 Gin St. offers a complete aromatic richness with three characteristic features: First, the citric notes stand out providing an extremely delicious dimension. Secondly, the most intense herbal notes of Juniper dominate and lastly, it has a delicate floral and fresh aroma that complete the nuances.

801 Gin St. is elegant, soft and persistent in the mouth thanks to the perfect balance between intensity and delicacy.

Tequila El Capo

Tequila El Capo is associated with one of the most fruitful and traditional distilleries of Mexico; the Tequilera Newton. Since its inception in 1941 Tequila El Capo was one of the greatest distillated creations of blue Agave (Agave tequilana) carefully selected, using the double manual distillation and aging processes in American oak barrels, The family of four ultra Premium tequilas from El Capo contain 40% by vol. alcohol and is 100% blue Agave.The founder of the Tequilera Newton. Enrique Guillermo Newton Alexanderson and his family, worked hard for decades to perfect the quality of this great tequila released in 1941.

Sangría Golden Bull

The mixture of excellent red wine with the natural juices of the best carefully selected fruits, make Golden Bull the best sangria in the world. In addition, its delicate bubble will not leave an indifferent taste even to the most exquisite palates, you will enjoy the soft and relaxed maceration that is given to the fruits so that it transmits its flavors to the wine.

Aguardiente Antioqueño

Aguardiente Antioqueño is the traditional drink of Colombia, closely linked to regional festivals and Colombian customs, especially in Antioquia, where farmers incorporate it into their idiosyncrasies. The Antioquia Liquor Factory is considered to be the first liquor store in Colombia. Its production systems, the quality of its products and the sound administrative criteria of its governing bodies including its sales volumes have made it a leader in the industries from Colombia.

Ron Viejo de Caldas

Ron Viejo de Caldas is a family of four rums made in the Liquor Industry of Caldas de Manizales. In the Colombian Andes at more than 2,200 meters high, in its own clouds is where more than 68 natural sources of the purest spring sprouts are found. The waters in which  the Old Rum of Caldas is made is the same water that is used by the Water Blackbird, a bird that only inhabits places where extremely purified waters emerge.

Ron Medellín

The production of Ron Medellín is the result of a marriage of mixtures that allows this liquor to be brought to its best form according to its aging. Part of the secret of the rum family of the Antioquia Liquor Factory is its natural process and where wood and time give body, aroma and flavor to its products.

Aguardiente Blanco del Valle

With the cane that they harvest in the Valle del Cauca land, they produce the purest alcohol in Colombia. The raw material that gives rise to the Aguardiente Blanco is a very aniseed liqueur from Valle del Cauca that carries inside all the joy of the region and its people. The Aguardiente Blanco del Valle contains 85% less sugar and 100% pure flavor, its certification of origin and the best ingredients certify it, which was the inspiration for the famous diamond cut bottle.

Anis del Mono

The story of Anís del Mono begins at the end of the 19th century and is full of anecdotes. The first of these is the origin of its name: Vicente Bosch, the creator, received a monkey as a business gift from America. The most significant point is the face of the monkey whose characteristics are reminiscent of Charles Darwin. Anís del Mono is now the most recognized anise liqueur in Spain and due to its popularity, there are still consumers from all over the world who continue to value and appreciate this traditional form of production.

Aguardiente Cristal

Following the timeline of the production of good spirits in 1950, it was Don Sergio Brandon who created the mystical and magical formula of the traditional Crystal Brandy. Its authentic flavor allowed people with a young spirit to live moments and traditions of truth, consolidating it later, as "The brandy of the Colombians" while having a presence not only in the national market but also in the international one under the faithful commitment to dynamize the category of spirits and provide new sensory experiences.

Aguardiente Nectar

Aguardiente is the most consumed spirit in Colombia since Christopher Columbus took sugar cane to America. In 1962, Aguardiente Nectar was classified as the leading product of the Empresa de Licores de Cundinamarca. In 2003, the Empresa de Licores de Cundinamarca, launches Aguardiente Nectar Club, a product aimed towards consumers that prefer a lighter and sugar free aguardiente with fewer calories.

Carlos I

The story of Carlos I dates back to 1889. Its elaboration begins with a careful selection of the best wines from the Airén grape distilled using the artesanal method of stills of Arabian provenance. Carlos I is the TOP1 best-selling Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva in the world. Fastest growing Premium Brandy in Germany and category leader. Carlos I is the brand with the most awareness in spain. Carlos I has been awarded with the most prestigious international awards.

Viña Cumbrero

Viña Cumbrero grapes come from Rioja Alta, the most populated area in the region, producing ideal whole wines for aging the barrel. The production process has a double fermentation: First at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. Secondly, it is transferred to handmade American and French oak barrels from underground fermentation thanks.


Veterano brandy was born in 1922 and is obtained through the Criaderas y Soleras production system, which gives it its distinctive strength and character. It is aged in American oak barrels previously wrapped with sherry wine in Cádiz, Spain. This way, the veterano has the warm colors of the soil that forge his character and strength.


The blend and subsequent aging of the best scented spirits and distillate wines from Jerez, Spain, create this exceptional brandy.

Magno is a versatile, aromatic, harmonious and pleasant tasting brandy, delicious in any of its forms.


Saliníssima is produced in Fazenda, Matrona within the Salinas region, Minas Gerais and Brazil since 1955, at the hands of Olímpio Mendes who has been dedicated to planting sugar cane for the production of cachaça. The cachaças were bottled by hand and sold to farm staff, neighbors and friends in their own home. In the cachaças production process, Alfredo Mendes de Oliveira (Olímpio's son) was responsible for the transportation and milling of the sugarcane while his father dedicated himself to the fermentation and distillation of the cachaça.

Santo Grau

Cachaça was born in the beginning of sugar cane culture expansion throughout Brazil. The first engenho (mills) emerged in the mid 1530’s. In 1808 Cachaça, was already considered one of the most important products of Brazilian economy.

Santo Grau is a pioneer brand of craft cachaça, it preserves the origins and peculiarities of the most traditional, small and historical mills.